It's 90% of how I think of myself - I love travel. It doesn't have to be exotic or far away. I like motorcycles best, but I'll travel by any means, anywhere.

These are my collected travel blogs, so feel free to wander with me. Just be warned, I get lost a lot.


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When I was in high school I loved photography. I took classes, learned the chemistry, and always had a camera handy.

When I got older, I stopped taking pictures. There are probably a lot of reasons why, but I am now rediscovering my joy in images, specializing in vintage film cameras.

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While I love travel, I didn't really start until far too late in life. But writing has always been there - it's what I went to college for so I guess that was a good call.

I write both fiction and non-fiction, and I like to write about all the fun things that being a writer brings to my life.

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Next Steps...

You have questions. I may or may not have the answers, but if I don't I'll figure out who does. What's keeping you from chasing your dream?