I love travel, especially by motorcycle. When I first started to ride around North America on my 250cc bike I quickly found out there weren't a lot of books on traveling on a small motorcycle. I mean, there weren't really any. So I set out to write one.

Going Small (currently out of print, sorry), and Going Small 2.0 cover everything you might want to know about traveling on a small displacement bike. The Minimal Motorcyclist is more general, instead focusing on the things you need to know to travel affordably - budgeting, bike and gear choices, everything. You can buy both in the store link (as well as a bunch of other stuff) above.

The Tales of Super City

A series of linked novellas set in the world of Super City - where Super Heroes and Villains work to save, or take over, the world. Both the heroes and villains are flawed, in all kinds of different ways.

I love writing, and do a lot of it. I have a blog about all my writing things, including on going projects and just the process of writing and self-publishing.

It's not all coffee shops and good news, just to warn you.