Traveling 250

My trusty old Traveling250 site which started it all. When I got rid of everything and hit the road with no idea where I was going to end up - followed by all the places I did end up.

The Minimal Motorcyclist

Everyone who travels has questions. What to bring, what not to bring? What do I need to know before I go? What motorcycle should I ride? HOW MUCH DOES IT COST??!?? I do my best to answer all this, and more.

2 By 2 Up

I got married. She's pretty awesome, and came with two girls. I don't always want to kill them, and the are slowly becoming pretty good travelers themselves. Since we all like motorcycles, we ride them a lot (but cheat sometimes).

Cliff Notes

Traveling with more than two wheels (and one mouth) is very different than solo travel - and I admit I'm still figuring it out. Here I try to cover what I've learned so far - it's not all bad really.