I'll be presenting again at Horizon's Unlimited Virginia (April 27th through 30th) near Appomattox Virginia. It's a really nice site, close to the National Historic Park. Also, the camp is in a state forest, so there's little to no cell service. Come and unplug and talk about motorcycles and motorcycle travel!

It's hard, without having been there, to explain or describe Overland Expo West (May 12th through the 14th). It's been going on for years, and the motorcycle side of it has only really picked up recently (in a relative sense, I don't mean last year). It's huge, it has everything, the classes and seminars are amazing, and you get to meet experienced travelers from all over. Also, I'll be there.

Horizons Unlimited Mountain Madness (HUMM) came to North America last year, with an event in the Canadian Rockies. Now, the USA gets one in Appalachia (August 11th through 13th). It's a team event (no going solo), looking for locations in the backwoods and gravel roads of the South East. Also, the headquarters is a resort with massages and the like. I'll be completely lost in the area (hoping not to hear banjos)